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Today, Trash Wizard was called out to Marlborough, MA twice to remove one couch at two different locations. No sooner did we get back to Worcester from the first job, when we got another call from Marlborough to remove the second couch!  Trash Wizard removes all types of junk and trash, whether it be a big job or just a small pick-up like a lone couch left behind.


Trash Wizard likes to update the residents of the areas we service with trash and recycling facts. Unfortunately, when we visited the Town of Marlborough’s website there were some dead links so we were unable to provide any updated information on recycling or a weekly trash schedule.

However, we have provided a link below with contact information for an employee from the Board of Health. Give them a call directly if you’re new to Marlborough, MA or just looking to stay informed on any new garbage disposal facts and procedures for your town.

Keep in mind that Trash Wizard Junk Removal serves Marlborough and its surrounding towns. If you’re looking to dispose of any electronics, appliance, mattresses, furniture, tires or batteries give us a call!