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How to dispose of an old boat? Premium Guide

Navigating the waters of boat ownership is exhilarating, but there comes a time when every sailor faces the question: “How to dispose of an old boat?” In this guide, we will cover everything from free junk boat removal to finding out who buys junk boats, ensuring you make an informed decision.

Free Junk Boat Removal Services

Many local municipalities and non-profit organizations offer free boat disposal services to residents. These programs are designed to help reduce environmental impacts of decaying vessels. It’s worth checking with your local marina or harbor office to find out about free boat disposal options in your area.

Boat Removal and Disposal Companies

Professional boat removal companies can handle everything from small dinghies to large yachts. These companies will often dismantle the boat and recycle usable parts, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Some even offer junk boat for cash programs, where you could make some money from your old vessel.

Scrapping Your Boat

how to dispose of an old boat

If your boat is beyond repair, learning how to scrap a boat might be your best option. This involves dismantling the boat and selling the parts for scrap value. Metals, fiberglass, and some electronics have resale value. Contact local scrap boat removal services for quotes and more information.


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Selling to Junk Boat Buyers

For those wondering “who buys junk boats?”, there are dealers and individuals interested in boats for parts or restoration projects. Advertising your junk my boat listing online or at local marinas can attract potential buyers.

Repurpose or Donate Your Boat

If you’re pondering what to do with an old boat, consider repurposing it into a garden feature, playground, or art piece. Alternatively, donating your boat to educational institutions, community programs, or non-profits can also be a rewarding way to dispose of it.

Trade-In or Sell

While it’s not exactly free boat disposal, trading in your old boat when purchasing a new one can be a practical solution. Dealers often refurbish and resell traded boats, giving them a new lease of life.


As boat enthusiasts upgrade to new vessels or find their old boats have outlived their functionality, they’re often left wondering: “What to do with an old boat?” This conundrum isn’t unique, as evidenced by frequent searches like ‘how to get rid of an old boat’ or ‘how to scrap a boat’. It’s essential to have a clear guide and solution for boat disposal, ensuring sustainability and efficiency in the process. We at Trash Wizard are always up for trash removal services. Book your appointment here.


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