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2024 Junk Removal Pricing


Typically, junk removal costs $70 to $570 with a lot of house owners investing between $150 and $350, or $1.50 per ft3.

A single-family house will pay around $210 for junk removal while a company will invest about $500. A full-size truck with a max load of 450 ft3 will cost around $550 to haul away junk and trash.

Depending on your locality, the prices can range from $70 to BEYOND.

There are many types of junk companies and trash removal services that all have their own pricing.  Take a look at the costs:


National Average Cost$ 210.
Minimum Cost$ 70.
Optimum Cost$ 570.
Typical Range$ 150 to $350.
Scrap Removal Prices.
The most typical manner in which junk removal services charge is by the truckload. One complete load in a trash elimination truck amounts to around 4 pick-up truck loads.

Junk and Trash Removal Price List

Minimum to 60 ft3   $70– $100.
1/6th Load    60– 80 ft3    $90– $130.
1/4th Load    80– 120 ft3    $100– $150.
3/8th Load     120– 180 ft3    $150– $200.
Half Load    180– 240 ft3    $200– $300.
5/8th Load    240– 300 ft3    $250– $330.
3/4th Load    300– 360 ft3    $300– $380.
7/8th Load     360– 420 ft3    $375– $450.
Full Load     420– 480 ft3    $500– $550.

Some businesses provide onsite rates, which offer the house owner a quick price for junk and trash removal. Another alternative provided by some companies is an online pricing quote. The online estimator is based upon the average size of an item and the amount of space your items take up in a truck. The size of any item might differ, and that will affect your overall price.

Scrap Removal and Disposal of Boxes and Trash Bags Curbside

Here are the average junk hauling prices:

$ 70–$ 100      for a minimum load (less than 10 sq. ft.).
$ 90–$ 130      for 1/8 load (10– 20 sq. ft.).
$ 330–$ 360   for 3/8– 1/2 load (30– 40 sq. ft.).
$ 490–$ 520   for 5/6– 7/8 load (66.6– 70 sq. ft.).
$ 550–$ 570    for a max. load (80 sq. ft.).

Junk, Trash, Garbage, or E-Waste Services?

Depending on the category of items to be gotten rid of, the prices and kind of professional service you may require will vary. There are core differences between “scrap,” “trash,” “waste,” “e-waste,” and “composting” that we cover in detail below:

Scrap Removal— a service that many county and city trash services decline to remove such as fridges, TVs, stoves, air conditioning unit, sofas, etc. However, some cities will use a free junk removal day  each quarter. $100–$ 570 for expert junk removal.

Garbage Removal— routinely arranged by your county or city.

Waste Removal— involves eliminating harmful products like lead paint, mercury, or other harmful toxins. Furthermore, this service takes care of building debris with costs around $100–$ 125. Most junk removal companies will not remove contaminated materials.

E-Waste Disposal— generally comprised of technical products such as computers, screens, printers, photocopier, shredders, and so on. Expenses vary significantly.

Composting— Both food waste and backyard debris can be eliminated and composted for around $70 to $100 depending on the volume.

Scrap Removal Costs By Type.

Our garages and basements end up being storage bins for everything:  old refrigerators, AC’s, previous years’ clothing, not to mention tons of pictures, toys, and old tools. You name it, it’s there … and growing. The most affordable price you’ll spend for junk elimination is $100–$ 129 for a minimum load (less than 10 sq. ft.) all the way up to approximately $600–$675 for a maximum truckload (80 sq. ft.).

Furniture Removal Cost.

It can be a challenge to get rid of unwanted or unnecessary furniture. Not just are large pieces of furniture heavy and typically tough to work with, but lots of cities don’t offer free pickup for furniture or home appliances.

Queen or king bed mattress: $95–$ 145.

Washer and clothes dryer: (2 items): $125–$ 205.

Entertainment center: (large) $129–$ 250.

Three-piece sectional sofa or couch: $208–$ 375.


Scrap Removal Furniture, Appliances, TV, Tires, and Rims by Curb.

Freezers and refrigerators: $95 to $160 each.

Piano removal: $300 to $650.

Air Conditioning systems: $35 to $60 each.

Tires: $10-$35

Railway ties: $50 each.


Junk Removal By Item.

For some junk pickup quotes, you can text or submit the junk removal company a photo of what you need to be disposed of, and they’ll give you an accurate estimate.  The last price will be offered onsite once they see the items in person

Computer/printer: $70–$ 90.

Mower: $70–$ 90.

Jacuzzi or hot tub: $250-$ 450.

Latex paint: $10 per gallon (can’t be recycled).


Cost To Dump At A Landfill.

The expense to dump at a landfill is usually around $100 if you do it yourself. If you work with an expert, anticipate investing $120 to $250 on a typical size load. Big items are surcharged due to extra weight. These items may need two employees to carry away to a landfill or another defined area.

Dumpster Rental Cost.

Some companies offer a tiny dumpster, which gives house owners the ability to load garbage and other items at their own pace. Others provide a big dumpster for remodeling and construction projects. The typical expense to lease a dumpster is $300-$ 800. It’s a win-win to have a dumpster at your house so you can toss things while you work. Once you’ve completed your job, or otherwise packed the dumpster, you can call the dumpster company, and they will hall it away for you.

Typical Garbage and Trash Removal Prices.

Garbage removal is usually covered as part of your county or city, based on where you live. However, independent businesses will often offer more services. Typically, garbage disposal services charge between $120 and $300 – which is dependant on the volume of garbage.


City Trash Hauling Prices.

The prices listed below are only averages. It’s suggested to contact your city for overall fees. The typical regular monthly and yearly payments do not cover the one-time setup fee.

Average regular monthly basis: $25–$ 45.

Typical annual basis: $300–$ 500.

Waste Removal Costs

Hazardous Waste Disposal.

This consists of removal by a professional of anything harmful. The removal is usually based upon a per pound basis. The removal expense could be anywhere from $60–$ 125 or $5–$ 25 per item, depending upon local additional charges.

Construction Waste.

Other solid waste elimination includes debris leftover from building, remodeling, or other tasks. The cost of this elimination is around $225, based on what has to be moved and disposed of. You usually can’t get a quote for this with an online calculator because items like dirt, gravel, and concrete can only be charged for by the bed load. Rates normally start at a minimum load of half a cubic lawn.

E-Waste Removal Cost.

Dealing with electronics, or e-waste is complicated due to the fact that there are laws and regulations concerning how these electronic devices must be discarded. The most significant issue with e-waste is that it includes many harmful products that are harmful not just to humans but to the environment. Overall, most e-waste removal costs are calculated on the number of electronic devices gotten rid of, so expenses differ.

Recycling Waste.

Some products are great prospects for recycling. Some cities and personal junk removal companies pride themselves on being environment-friendly. They will not only pick up recyclable materials and electronic devices, but they will dispose of them at the appropriate recycling facility for repair and resale to save the landfills from hazardous waste. Charges are based on weight, labor, and any state-imposed fees.

How Do Junk Disposal Companies Charge?

Junk removal services charge by weight, labor, volume, and accessibility. Normally, you can anticipate expenses of $1.75 per ft3 or $550 per complete trash truck. Price differences are based on a number of factors:

Operating Costs:

Labor: Average of $800/week per staff member.
Admin Cost:  Accounting, marketing, staff member overheads.
The number of employees required for the job.
Length of time packing will take.
Drop-off costs.
Contaminated materials costs.
Return on specific products through sales of scrap metal, etc.

Free Junk Removal & Haul Away.

Donate, sell, or give away! Clothing that you haven’t used in the last year and don’t expect to wear again you can donate. Shoes that have seen better days? Discard them. Dishes, pots, and pans you no longer use– give them to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Go through your bathroom towels and washrags and toss those that are ragged.

Books! Take them to the nearby not-for-profit organization that deals with the clingy.

Numerous not-for-profit companies exist that can use any and all types of furniture, consisting of beds, reconditioned washers/dryers, family items, even gently utilized computers. By repurposing items, you are doing a service to those in need.

Finding Your Junk Removal Service.

While you could probably lease a truck and get your project done with help from friends and family, it may cost you more in the long run at the expense of your time. Or you could hire professionals to do the work for you. With an expert on the job, you know the project will be done rapidly and efficiently.

Look for companies who meet the following requirements:

If you have any questions about junk removal in Worcester, MA feel free to contact us directly